Get DZ Class License

A D class license permits you to drive such vehicles as dump trucks, cement trucks, fire trucks, etc. One of the main components of training for a D license is learning how to use air brakes.

While it is possible to get a handbook from a licensing office, study it, and then take the road test, it is recommended that you get proper training from a qualified driving instructor before taking a road test. There are many valuable skills to be learned, that you just cannot get from a book alone.

An accredited driving school will partner you with a qualified instructor, who will teach you everything you need to know about how to operate a heavy vehicle safely and efficiently. At first, you will drive off-road, until you get comfortable behind the wheel and understand the procedures; then, your instructor will take you out on the roads to integrate with real traffic.

When you get D Class license training, you can be assured that you are operating the vehicle in a safe manner, and that means safer roads for everyone.

With the proper training, you can be licensed within just a few months. Invest in yourself and get on the road to an exciting career. There is a whole world out there to explore and you can be part of it!