Top Truck Driving School - Commercial Truck Driving Training in Brampton

Top Truck Driving School is committed to serve all students in every way possible and offers affordable rates on all commercial truck driving training in Brampton. Be sure to check out our latest promotions when enrolling for courses or in truck lessons.

Truck license A and D special package on sale. Top Truck Driving School has high quality professional driver training with flexible scheduling at competitive prices. We have hourly lesson plan. We do backing practice at the dock, up-shifting-down shifting, border cross and log book training. Job assistance is provided with this course. U.S.A visa assistance. Early test appointment. We have automatic and manual trucks. You will get best out of best training.

  • Our Special Offers

    We have variety of training packages, which includes hourly lesson plan.

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  • Our Speciality

    1. Training on Automatic and standard truck.
    2. Dock backing special program.
    3. Training on Loaded and empty trailer.
    4. Long haul highway training.
    5. Training by experienced instructors.
    6. Special package for ladies and nervous Students.
    7. Logbook Training.
    8. Owner Operator Assitance.